For this year’s Earth Week, two schools joined forces.

The story of Des Nations School’s clothing drive.

Des Nations School participated for the first time in a Super Recyclers clothing drive. The school principal booked the date at the beginning of March. Enthusiastic about our service proposal, he decided to integrate the ecological and environmentally friendly program into his school. To keep the Super Recyclers drive easy, the parents will be bringing their clothing donations the day before the Super Recyclers’ truck will pass by to pick them up, although latecomers can still bring their bags of donated clothing that morning.

The Super Recyclers clothing drives are very simple: depending on the accumulated weight of the donated clothing, a sum of money is given to the school. The mission of the Super Recyclers is to raise awareness for recycling among young people and their families and to directly support the school community by helping them fund projects.

A teacher at the school shared this information with a colleague from Jean-XXIII High School. Previously, the latter would donate their clothing bags to another cause, which brought its share of complications: finding volunteers, finding a place to store the bags, filling the car or van, taking the bags to a local organization, etc. Of course, the gesture is quite commendable and we fully support it, but when the person in charge at Jean-XXIII High School learned what the Super Recyclers were offering as a service, they immediately decided to support the drive at Des Nations School. This beautiful collaboration has allowed Des Nations School to augment the amount they collected, which means that they received an additional $205, because with the Super Recyclers, the heavier it is, the more it pays. In addition, Jean-XXIII High School was able to simplify its process since the Super Recyclers picked up the bags directly at their school!

At the time the Super Recyclers came to collect the bags at Des Nations School, it was raining nails! One of those typical April days … but that didn’t discourage the students from making a human chain and passing the bags of clothing from their school to the Super Recyclers’ truck. Despite the cold weather on a rainy Friday, many smiles could be seen!

See how the Super Recyclers proceed with the human chains:

Here is what the school principal said about our collaboration: “Thank you very much for the support, your proposal and especially for the efficiency of your organization. It’s well done, quickly done. What more could you ask for? It is a very successful ‘turnkey’ and environmentally friendly service. Congratulations to you and your team!”

“When we see the smiles and know that the amount raised will serve the kids, it fills our hearts with happiness and gives us the motivation to continue our mission,” says Marie-Claude Guérin, President of the Super Recyclers.

You are a high school that organized a small second-hand clothing sale in your school and you are stuck with a few extra bags you’d like to get rid of? Why not offer them to an elementary school in your area and let them benefit from them? Together, we become stronger. Together, we can recycle more and finance more projects!