Our Motivation

The Super Recyclers bring citizens together in a positive movement for the community and the environment. They encourage citizens to participate in a social and collective cause in order to carry out a good deed through the realization of a project for the community.

The ecological aspect is an added value, since it makes it possible to recover goods rather than throw them away. The Super Recyclers invite the community to take more action in terms of their social responsibility in human, environmental and economic terms.

As specialists in philanthropy and social commitment, we are concerned about the well-being of our surroundings. We hope that this movement will help fund exciting and concrete projects by addressing the needs of the community and causes that are important to you. This project also stems from our desire to make citizens aware of the action of giving, the pleasure it brings and the collective benefits it brings.

The Super Recyclers, an initiative of the HUMAGO® Foundation, a federal charitable foundation.

People’s voluntary social involvement is our greatest source of inspiration. To learn more about our social engagement, visit our website at: www.humago.ca

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