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Did you know that the Super Recyclers work jointly with the HUMAGO Foundation in their efforts to raise awareness among young people? The HUMAGO Foundation (Human in Action) has a mandate to raise awareness among the youth of today and tomorrow about social commitment and the environment. The foundation wishes to develop in young people the desire to act proactively for the well-being of others and their planet. The foundation makes it possible to finance the projects of our young philanthropists, while developing awareness and supporting innovation.

  • The HUMAGO® Foundation is a movement of social commitment. It wishes to bring together people who want to help, who want to make a difference, who believe in generosity and who understand the importance of getting involved and helping each other. 

    The HUMAGO® Foundation firmly believes that together we can make a difference to make the world a better place for everyone.

    The HUMAGO® Foundation has created three funds:

    The Green Fund
    Created to provide financial support for eco-social projects in schools and daycare centres by recycling used clothing and textiles, while encouraging more ecological consumption habits demonstrating that the slightest action can have an impact!

    The Youth Fund
    Created with the objective of providing grants to young people in order to recognize and encourage their social engagement efforts through a competition. We have two kinds of contests designed to motivate them to give back to society. The Super Recyclers’ Grant and HUMAGO’s “We are philanthropists” Grant recognize the creation, originality and good deeds initiatives carried out by the young philanthropists of tomorrow.

    The Child Development Fund
    Created with the objective of giving back to young families and children. The BBecolo division of the Super Recyclers allows children’s clothing to be reused while giving back to the community, because in addition to financially supporting schools and daycare centres, $5 on the purchase price of every gift box will be given to a cause related to child development.

    The Foundation’s Mission

    • Develop the philanthropists of tomorrow by empowering young people to design innovative ways to give back to society.
    • Mobilize young people and their families to recycle used clothing and raise their awareness of the environment.
    • Promote social engagement with citizens through the social platform and the donation tool on
    • Encourage today’s youth to volunteer and develop their curiosity for social engagement.

    You’d like to know more about the Foundation and how it can help you finance your school or daycare projects? Simply call the HUMAGO Foundation at 1-888-853-1898, ext. 7 or write us at


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We are restructuring the foundation to offer more grants and workshops!

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