Dorset Elementary School

106, rue Dorset, Baie D'Urfé (Québec) H9X 2Z6

Dorset Elementary School

We invite all parents, friends and neighbours of the students of Dorset Elementary school to participate with the Super Recycler’s project and transform your old clothing into extra funds for our school. The event will take place from Thursday, April 12th thru Friday, April 13th, at 4 p.m. The funds will go toward our gardening education on vermicomposting.

Participate in our used clothing drive and help us make our school the best place ever!

Spread the word: the heavier, the more it pays.

With this simple and collective gesture, you help children become recycling heroes in addition to giving our school a chance of winning a grant.

Accepted material: All the clothing, handbags, scarfs, hats, gloves, furs, shoes, sheets, blankets, cushions, towels, curtains, fabrics, trimmings, leather accessories. We only accept what is in good condition and can be reused. The Super Recyclers are not able to accept pillows or carpets.

You’d like your company to be involved in this school’s cause? Nothing could be simpler! Mobilize your employees and call the Super Recyclers to reserve a date when they can pick up the used clothing. The amount collected will be added to the amount collected by the school.

The Super Recyclers mobilize the community around an eco-friendly movement in order to finance specific projects by collecting used clothing.