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The Super Recyclers are proud to launch the first rental exchange program for quality second-hand clothing for sizes newborn to 24 months

Avoid overconsumption and offer BBecolo as a gift at your next Baby Shower. Give an eco-friendly gift that fits the lifestyle of a baby who is constantly growing and has to change clothes often.

Our Philosophy

Behind BBecolo lies a family story. This project emanates from a mother-daughter bond, both convinced there is a better way to consume fashion—especially baby fashion!

Marie-Claude, president, launched the Super Recyclers 5 years ago, a program set up to collect used clothing and help fund schools and daycares. She knows a lot about recycling, as well as fashion, having acted as editor-in-chief for a fashion magazine in the early 2000s.

Chloé, her daughter who holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, joined her and they decided to start BBecolo together.

BBecolo is a circular fashion program that seeks to extend the lifespan of baby clothes to benefit several families.

The fashion industry is a major contributor to waste production. Today, the harmful ecological impact of “fast fashion” is well documented, but when we talk about this phenomenon, the emphasis is on adult consumption, often overlooking children’s fashion. And yet, babies grow so fast that they pass through several sizes in such a short period of time. Too often, clothes that are in perfect condition are no longer used.

We all need to face the environmental problems of today and tomorrow, so why not help each other?

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