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A Gift That Makes a Big Difference

BBecolo offers gift boxes of high-quality, branded second-hand clothing to expectant mothers who want to reduce their environmental footprint. Every baby clothes that go into our boxes have been washed, carefully examined and chosen with love for our future eco-responsible babies (from newborns to 2-year-olds).

This project comes from a mother-daughter bond. “Since starting the Super Recyclers, I’ve wanted to work with my daughter Chloe to turn it into a family business. Since she studied at McGill in Environmental Science, the idea of working together was obvious,” explains Marie-Claude Guérin, president of the Super Recyclers and co-founder of BBecolo. “On top of that, by involving my daughter in the project, I hope to show her how demanding being a woman in the entrepreneurial and recycling communities can be. With BBecolo, of course, we want to reduce waste, but we mostly want to give back to families here,” adds Marie-Claude.

The two are very involved in the community. “Being an entrepreneur and starting a new project requires a lot of courage, perseverance, but above all passion—all values that emanate from my mother. Despite all the difficulties she has faced, you can still see a spark in her eyes when she talks about her company, The Super Recyclers. Having the privilege of starting BBecolo with my mother is very inspiring,” says Chloe. “Responsible consumption is a sign of respect for nature, but also for all people living on our planet. We are all entitled to a pollution-free environment. That’s why BBecolo is so important to me. This company aims to introduce families to the concept of sustainable fashion and encourages the reduction of waste,” says Chloé Allard.

BBecolo is a division of The Super Recyclers, a circular economy company in the textile domain. BBecolo’s mission is to breathe new life into baby clothes, in addition to saving time and money for families and friends.

So it’s really quite simple, just talk about it! A great gift for those who do not have the time to shop, who care about the environment, but who want to surprise and stand out during a baby shower or to celebrate a birth while supporting a social cause!

A green future for baby, extra gifts for a cause associated to childhood!

The BBecolo Gift Box allows us to reuse clothing while giving back to the community, because in addition to financially supporting schools and daycares, $5 on the purchase price of each gift box will be donated to a cause associated to the development of childhood.

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