The #SuperRecyclers mobilize young people and their families around an eco-socio-responsible movement in order to finance a project for a school or a daycare centre by collecting used clothing.


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Clothing drives


4 days ago

Super Recycleurs

On fini l’année scolaire avec l’école Ste-Famille de Plessisville. Bon été à tous! ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Super Recycleurs

Une autre année scolaire se termine. Les Super Recycleurs vous souhaitent un bel été! Nous avons procédé au tirage des deux dernières bourses de l'année scolaire 2018-19... et les gagnants sont... ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Super Recycleurs
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1 week ago

Super Recycleurs

Venez déposer vos électroniques et vos vêtements avant votre déménagement directement dans le stationnement du Centre du Domaine rue Granby et Langelier l Éco-quartier Mercier Hochelaga Maisonneuve du Regroupement des Éco-quartiers vous attend jusqu’à 18h ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Super Recycleurs

Aujourd'hui les Super Recycleurs ont remis la Bourse de 1000 $ à l'école de la Renaissance de la Commission scolaire de la Seigneurie-des-Mille-Iles (CSSMI)
Bravo au comité vert ! À l’avant: Maria D'Andréa de la Fondation Humago, Louise Turcotte, Marylène Alarie, Magali Bilodeau, Manon Cloutier, Marie-Claude Guerin, présidente des Super Recycleurs. À l’arrière:, Joël Gilbert (directeur) et Hélène Bourdon.
... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks to Mél Bué
singer-songwriter of Slam and poetry

How Does it Work?


The community brings used clothing, shoes and linens to your location on a specific preselected date. The used linens must be washed first and must be in good enough condition to be used by disadvantaged families.


Our trucks will go to your location on the chosen day and hour to pick up the donated clothes, shoes, boots, sandals, and used linens (bed sheets and pillow, towels, dish towels, blankets, etc.)


The organization receives a sum of money based on the total weight of collected items that will be used to finance a specific project.

What is accepted?

icone1 vetements 1

Clothing for men, women, children and babies  

icone2 sac a dos 1


icone3 accessoires 2

Accessories for men and women

icone4 chaussures 1

Shoes and boots in good condition

Icone literie

Fabrics, sheets and towels

icone6 soutiens gorge


icone7 cuir 1

Leather or leatherette accessories

icone8 jouets

Toys in good condition (we do not accept books)

icone non 1 vaisselle 1

Dishes, clothes hangers, electronic appliances


Rugs, pillows, skates

Impact on the community

For the students, employees or volunteers

Participation in a unified movement through the implementation of an eco-friendly collective project.

Satisfaction of having supported your chosen social cause by helping to fund one of their projects.

Heightened awareness about the importance and benefits of recycling clothing and linens.

For the cause

A social and environmentally responsible group project that will challenge students employees or volunteers.

Minimum logistics: turnkey formula one day per event.

Funding for projects, programs or services.

For the organization

Amount given to the organization that will use it to invest in research, education, poverty, health, sport and recreation, etc.

Heightened awareness for the community about solidarity, philanthropy and the environment.

Why recycle clothing and linens?

number of people living in low income families*

weight in tonnes of textile that is thrown out every year by all Quebecers*

percentage of textile waste that can be recycled

number of shoes thrown out every year*

percentage of cotton which can be recycled

weight of textile that is thrown out every year by one Quebecer

*statistics for 2011

Congratulations to you and your team!

Thank you very much for the support, your product and especially for your organization's efficiency. It's well done and quickly done. What more could you ask for? It is a very successful turnkey solution... and environmentally friendly!

École des Nations

This partnership is essential for optimal success.

Everyone can take part in this means of financing which is easy, ecological and does not require any investment of time.

Josée Boivin, Executive Director, CPE Les Poussineaux

The Super Recyclers...

... is a novel, humanitarian project and a simple way for families to collect funds for the benefit of their children's school.

In addition to doing a good deed...

... we have a chance to win a grant for our school. It's rare to have this possibility!

A teacher

Fantastic idea!

It's not everyone who can participate in a fundraising activity. The Super Recyclers allow us to participate and to mobilize without taking money out of our pockets ... it's so easy.

A parent

Mobilizing all the way!

Thanks to the Super Recyclers, more employees informed themselves about the cause and came to meet us than we'd ever seen before.

Fondation les petits trésors

We've had so much success...

...that the parents now ask us about doing a Super Recycler's clothing drive.

Management for the Félix Leclerc School

So simple for us!

During Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Month, the staff rallied to the cause supported by the company. Employees brought the clothes on site.




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