Testimonial from Josée Boivin, Executive Director, CPE Les Poussineaux

We’ve already organized several clothing drives with the Super Recyclers. The money raised is used to finance various projects, including planting trees in our yards.

In line with our values, this project seeks not only the collaboration of parents, but of the entire population. Indeed, we publish our drive dates to our Facebook page and people who are not parents at our Early Childhood Center bring us their used textiles. Parents are happy to collaborate on a fundraiser that is so easy. They are also happy to help with a good cause.

In addition to this collaboration, we can also count on the participation of the municipality that lends us a container for our collection. This partnership is essential for optimal success.

Everyone can take part in this means of financing which is easy, ecological and does not require any investment of time.

Josée Boivin, Executive Director
CPE Les Poussineaux